White Fillings


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White Fillings

In the past, when an old filling wore out or you had a cavity, silver and gold fillings used to be your only choices, especially for back teeth.

But silver fillings have some drawbacks. The edges of the fillings undergo metal fatigue and begin to break down. As they age, they sometimes break in the middle. When fillings break, they no longer seal the tooth. This lets cavities get started again. Silver fillings just fill holes, they don’t add strength to teeth, and they also expand as they age, so your tooth may break. The metal in silver fillings causes unsightly stains of the teeth and of the gums.

Today, the dentists at 7Dental can replace silver fillings and create a much more natural look. With recent advances in materials and new laboratory techniques, you have new options that avoid these problems. We can use one of the new strong synthetic resins or porcelain. Since these materials are bonded to the teeth, they are very strong and durable. These fillings restore teeth to their original natural beauty, and help you look your best.

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