Resin Onlays


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Resin Onlays

There are many advantages when resin onlays are used to restore teeth. Resin onlays are bonded to the teeth. This creates a tight, superior fit, and restores the tooth to nearly its original strength. They can be used in cases where a large portion of the tooth is missing, where a crown may have been necessary. This keeps your tooth stronger because less of the tooth is removed. Resin onlays wear like natural teeth. Since resin onlay margins are invisible, they don’t have to be placed below the gum line. This is kinder and healthier for the gums.

Resin onlays often also contain fluoride. This fluoride may help prevent new decay at the edges of the fillings. Resin onlays look great. Whether you replace single fillings, or all of your fillings, it’s simply amazing how beautiful and natural they look.

At 7Dental it takes our doctors only two appointments to replace a silver filling with a high-quality lab-fabricated resin onlay.

On the first appointment, we take out the old filling and remove any decay. Then we take an impression of the teeth. A temporary is then placed in your tooth. Models are made from the impressions. At the laboratory, resin material is carefully placed into the model and individual characterization is added to make it look natural and life-like.

On your second appointment, the temporary onlay is removed. A conditioning gel is placed on the tooth to prepare it for bonding. A bonding cement is placed in the tooth. A harmless high-intensity light bonds the resin onlay to the tooth. Excess cement is removed, and the onlay is polished to a high luster. Resin onlays look great. And since they’re bonded in place, they strengthen and protect your tooth.

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