At-Home Professional Whitening


7Dental offers a full range of cosmetic procedures to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, and restore confidence in your smile!

At-Home Professional Whitening

Home whitening is an easy way to have a dazzling white smile. New whitening techniques at 7Dental make it possible to have a brighter, more beautiful smile.

How are teeth whitened?

Teeth darken over time as mineral’s penetrate the tooth’s enamel. As whitening agents break down, oxygen is forced through the enamel. Staining quickly disappears without damaging the tooth’s structure.

First, impressions are taken. Then we make a model on which a custom whitening tray is made. At night after filling the trays with the gentle solution, you simply insert them and resume your normal activities or retire for the evening. The process is safe and fast. You’ll see a change in as little as a few days. Cosmetic Whitening by one of our professionals at 7Dental is an easy and dependable way to a more beautiful smile.

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