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7DENTAL response to COVID-19

Highest Standards Of Safety

We have carefully evaluated our step-by-step processes, updated our 7DENTAL teams’ training and put in place the resources needed to confidently protect our teams, patients, and communities:

At 7DENTAL we have taken the necessary time and have developed a comprehensive safety playbook for our clinics to safely welcome back doctors, staff and patients. Our team has worked hard to gather up-to-date information, set up patient intake guidelines, and provide patient communications to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are asking our patients to arrive on time, not early, to minimize time spent in the clinic. Patients will be accompanied quickly into their treatment room upon arrival. If a wait is required, patients are asked to wear a mask and wait outside the office, preferably in the car, before an appointment. 

We’ll text our patients when we’re ready to see them. If that isn’t possible, a patient may wait in the waiting room only when it’s possible to remain seated six feet apart. 

We ask that only those scheduled for treatment to be in the clinic. Family and friends of the patients are asked to wait outside the office unless the patient requires personal assistance during their visit. If a patient requires personal assistance during an appointment, their companions are checked for symptoms, given a mask, and wait outside during the appointment.

Patient & Team Symptom Screenings

We implement compulsory wellness checks for our dental teams and patients alike:

Any members of the 7DENTAL team experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, sore throat, muscle ache) or COVID-19 will be asked to stay home.

We will also be screening our teams twice daily at work and temperatures will be recorded to ensure compliance. Anyone presenting the slightest symptoms will be sent home immediately and can return only once they have been cleared by their healthcare provider or their symptoms have been resolved. 


All of our patients are screened for any risk of COVID-19 before proceeding with treatment, including temperature checks and symptom screening.

Before coming to the office, any patients who are not feeling well will be rescheduled for their appointment. 

Sterilization & Infection Control

At 7DENTAL deep cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning:

We have always been committed to the highest safety standards, and when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) we closely follow the guidelines from the  Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and Public Health Ontario (PHO). 

All 7DENTAL teams will be using the recommended PPE for their role including face and eye protection, gloves, gowns, and surgical mask or respirator. The highest level of PPE available will be used when treating patients to reduce the risk of exposure. Social distancing, physical barriers, and protocols have been put into place to restrict contact. 



In treatment rooms, equipment is sterilized, and dental chairs and all surfaces are cleaned, between each patient. 

Surfaces in waiting rooms and common areas are cleaned hourly to keep high-touch surfaces clean. 

Our team wash their hands frequently while hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide rinse will help protect our patients. 

Smarter & Safer Appointment Scheduling

Spend less time painfully waiting in traffic, and more time getting answers from one of our 7DENTAL providers:

We have carefully adjusted our clinic operations to keep our patients and teams safe.  We can now bring your dental healthcare provider to you with our new Remote 7DENTAL Care. We encourage you to discuss the pre- and post-treatment details of your care with your 7DENTAL provider on the phone or online right from the safety of your own home, and spend less time commuting. 


In order to limit the number of people in the clinics at any given time, we are staggering patient appointment times. 

Where possible, in order to minimize unnecessary contact, older adults and patients at high-risk (such as those with underlying medical conditions) will be scheduled when the clinic is less busy, or earlier in the day. 

We encourage all patients to complete their necessary forms online in advance of their appointment to minimize or even eliminate altogether the need for paperwork when in the clinic. Your 7DENTAL team can help you complete your online forms if you don’t have access.

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